SISSI Designs unveils the all occasion, one size…. ‘Turk’ Pant!

by Val Adams on February 27th, 2012
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Our Jersey ‘Turk’ pant is 100% cotton jersey, 100% comfortable & 100% Australian made!

Every body needs a pant like our comfortable cotton jersey ‘Turk’ pant!

We believe clothing should be adaptable to any occasion, anywhere, anytime..Our ‘Turk’ pant is constructed from soft, cool cotton jersey..

We believe we have designed the perfect pant!

This pant is a casual pant, a busy Mum pant, an out & about pant, a pant for all ages, a pant that fits ALL shapes & sizes …

It’s fair to say…our cotton jersey ‘Turk’ pant is for EVERYONE!

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